Petite Chair

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Description: This decorative chair is inspired by rock furniture and thrones of the manteño huancavilcan culture. This chair is light and comfortable and perfect for a nook in a room. It is easy to move and can work in the bedroom as a side chair, or even a chair you can use to put on your shoes.

Style/type: Chair (Decorative.)

General dimensions: 80CMHEIGHTX40x40CMSEATXSEATHEIGHT40CM.

Seat Height: 42 cm (16’INCHES)

Seat Width: 42x42 cm (16x16’INCHES)

Total Height: 75cm (29’INCHES)

Upholstery: Satin Fabric 100% polyester

Print: Wild Orchids

Materials: Ply wood for strccuture, 100% polyester foam cushion, satin fabric 70% Polyester-30% cotton, and Laurel wood for chair legs.

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