About Us

About the Brand
Insolito is an Ecuadorian-based lifestyle brand inspired by the fluidity of patterns. We believe design should be decadent. Uniformity creates formity and vibrancy creates life.   
Built on the foundation of bold graphics, rich colors and femininity, we take our global perspective to create artful clothing, home and textile products. Our process begins by using IDEM, our method for creation. Here, our original photographs are manipulated to create new patterns ownable to the brand.
Conscious of the the materials we use, many of our products are made from recycled plastics and textiles.
Since launching in 2016, we have been commissioned for custom furniture, the design or interiors for both residential and commercial spaces along with home accessories.

About the Designers
Insolitio was founded by sisters Camila and Veronica Burbano.
Camila, the creative, focuses on design and operations. A graduate of Pratt Institute in New York, she studied graphic design and worked with Jonathan Adler and famed Bauhaus ceramicist Eva Zeisel during her five year tenure in the United States.
Veronica handles the business side. Her international education from George Washington University and a global perspective from living abroad in Florence and Spain where she received her MBA in entrepreneurship in ESADE Business School in Barcelona, is the perfect compliment.